Busy? Yes! Work, family commitments, cleaning, cooking and seeing friends… our lives can feel hectic and exercising can fall far down our ‘to do’ list. The good news is that exercise doesn’t have to be a formal appointment at the gym. A little bit here and there all adds up. Here are a few simple ways to fit more physical activity into a busy week.

1. Make your bed
You’ll get your muscles moving first thing after you get up and come 10pm, you’ll appreciate the relaxing sight of plump pillows and flat sheets.

2. Do 20 star jumps every day
Just 20 star jumps! This is a small enough number to commit to every day, and regular enough to make a difference. Over time, add five or ten more. Do push ups or squats if you prefer.

3. Clean your house
Get your comfy clothes on, turn up the music and dust, vacuum, sweep, put away and clean surfaces with vigour! You get a good work out and your house will sparkle too. Throw in a car wash too if you’re feeling energetic.

4. TV time
Use your TV time wisely. You can stretch, do sit ups, light weights or at very least, get up during every ad break.

5. Go shopping
No doubt you have groceries to buy. Instead of jumping in the car, put your gym clothes on and use shopping as an opportunity to get walking. Bring a backpack for an added strength work out.

6. Play with your kids or dog
Got kids or a dog? They’re always keen to go to the park. Get a ball, start throwing and running. There’s also backyard cricket, hallway bowls or a loungeroom disco too.

7. Active dates
Coffee and cake? Many of our social interactions involve food, and it’s not always healthy food. Change things up and catch up with a friend for a walk in the park, a dance class or tennis.

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